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Yuzhno-Uralskaya offers its customers competitive, efficient marine bunkering and refueling services for ships calling into some of the world’s most prominent ports. Our teams design contracts and value-added risk management products tailored to client needs for bunkers all over the world. The Bunkering Division also acts as an independent global broker and trader.

Our bunkering operations follow an ethos of sustainability and environmental conscientiousness. We are compliant with the latest International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and also monitor and adhere to local laws regulating the shipping and maritime energy sector.

What We do

We offer perfect real
Energy service

We can service all of constuction sites from starting to ending,
wall pluster, lift and glass fitting, doors and window installation.


We help to preserve lives and keep commercial operators on track to meet their deadlines through our bunkering operations – refuelling ocean-going vessels or fixed structures in deep water.

Marine fuels and lubricants

We have a simple goal as your supplier – to provide high-quality fuel bunkering at a competitive price to support your business today and in the future.

Choose us as your partner and you have a strong and positive ally in your quest to operate profitably and successfully.

Modern fleet

We supply a broad range of fuels and lubricants to shipping and rig operators. A growing number of customers, from major energy businesses and logistics companies to local fishing businesses, choose Puma Energy to meet their offshore refuelling needs. They trust our service capability and our products.

The term ‘bunker’ for ship oil originated in the days of steam ships, when coal was kept in bunkers. Today, our modern fleet of bunker barges fuels container ships, tankers and fishing vessels, often at short notice. We can offer our customers – including Eni, Total and Bourbon – everything they require from a bunker supplier, including high-specification products such as Castrol Marine lubricants.

Reduced refuelling times

To minimise layovers and to maximise sailing time, we maintain fully stocked barges close to shipping lanes, and their powerful pumps reduce refuelling times by up to 50%. These highly specialised and advanced bunker barges have also increased safety to new levels. Some of our barges have also been specially adapted to service huge deep-water rigs and moored vessels offshore. Their high-pressure pumps deliver fuels at a faster speed and make use of dynamic positioning systems to maintain a safe connection to our customers’ facilities or vessels without any assistance.

We are also supporting oil and gas exploration off the coast of East Africa by investing heavily in our local bunkering operations. Our facilities in Tanzania support in-port and offshore bunkering for customers operating south of Tanzania and north of Mozambique.

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