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ATPC is located in the Port of Antwerp, Belgium. It is operated by VTTI, a network of terminals and storage founded by Vitol in 2006.


Bayernoil refinery is located in Bavaria and is operated by Varo Energy, an integrated fuel supply company in North West Europe.


Owned and operated by Varo Energy, Cressier refinery is located in Neuchâtel. It is the only refinery currently operating in Switzerland and is capable of producing 68,000 barrels of refined products every day.


The Fujairah refinery is strategically located outside the Strait of Hormuz, on the north east coast of the United Arab Emirates, and is operated by VTTI.


Vitol acquired the Geelong refinery in 2014. The refinery is located in Victoria, South Australia and is operated by Viva Energy, a leading Australian energy company.

VPR Energy

VPR energy is wholly owned by Vitol and is located at the heart of Rotterdam’s oil and petrochemical industry, near the village of Rozenburg, in the Netherlands. Transforming light crude oil and condensates to produce naphtha, jet fuel, gas oil and residuals, it is strategically located to service customers across the region.


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Our refineries accommodate a wide spectrum of feedstock to generate an array of finished products that are sold in markets across the Middle East, Far East and South Asia. GP Global innovated a catalyst cracking process that turns heavy furnace oil into value-added products like naphtha, gasoil and crack fuel oil. This proprietary process has a patent pending. With a total refining capacity of 380,000 mt annually, our refinery has 180,000 mt annual capacity in current status and an additional operational capacity of 200,000 mt in 2019 onwards, Today, we offer a range of competitive and high-quality refined products to support transport and industrial applications globally.

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